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Lars Rambe

Lars RambeLars Rambe is an author with a talent for exciting and meticulously built intrigues. His first novel, Pier's End, has been translated into Italian and German. It made it to the number one position in Italy. As a lawyer by profession, Lars Rambe is able to bring his legal experience into the creation of his crime stories. He also brings his characters to life with his significant skill at describing their private and professional lives. With underlying themes such as alienation and the intricate works of the criminal mind, his crime stories offer an enjoyable and multi-facetted reading experience.

Lars Rambe, born 1968, has earlier worked as in-house counsel in the pharmaceutical industry and then established his own law firm in 1999. The urge to write fiction has been with him for a very long time, and when he moved with his family to Strängnäs, a small municipality 80 km from Stockholm he began the work on his first novel, Pier's End. The inspiration to the story and its setting comes mainly from his new home town. However, as business owner and father of two there was little time to spare. Therefore, Lars had to write the story at night while the rest of the family slept.
In Pier's End an unsolved double murder from the 1960s is suddenly brought to life when the journalist Fredrik Gransjö address it in an article. The consequences are both unexpected and dire. The book has been translated to German and Italian and will soon be available in Dutch. It has been well received everywhere and made it into the bestseller charts in both Sweden and Italy.

Encouraged by the success of his first book, Lars has let the writing take a greater part of his life and today he writes mainly in the daytime. In the independent sequel, ”Shadows” the setting is changed to Mariefred, the neighbor town of Strängnäs, but many of the characters from the first book comes along for a new exciting story focused on the price of revenge and what it takes to cut loose from your circumstances. In this case it leads to violent and surprising deeds in the middle of the idyllic Swedish summer.

Lars truly values meeting his readers and he continuously stays in contact with them through events, his blogg and his fan page on Facebook. Beside being an author, Lars enjoys travelling, working out as well as good food and drink. He now resides in Kenya where his wife works with development issues. Now he divides his time between writing, lawyering, and of course, being a dad.


The Strängnäs Murders Series

Strängnäs is not quite as charming as it may seem at a first glance. Through the endevours of the journalist Fredrik Gransjö the reader soon learns that there are strong emotions hiding behind the surface of ordinary life and people willing to do almost anything, including murder.

  • 2010 – Shadows (Skuggans spel), crime novel
    (Swedish cover)

  • 2007 – Pier's End (Spåren på bryggan), crime novel
    Pier's end
    (Swedish cover)



The German website Leser-Welt made an interview with Lars where he answers questions about how he started writing books and how the plot and characters in his first book, "Pier's End", came to life



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